In 2004, the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) reported that on average, one  in 10 South Africans suffered from some form of asthma. South Africa had the fourth highest asthma death rate in the world among five to 35 year olds. The Breathe Free campaign offers asthma education to the masses by empowering healthcare professionals to treat and manage the disease with their patients in a structured and controlled manner.

The Breathe Free campaign is a Cipla asthma and allergy education initiative that addresses the educational gaps identified in the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) & other major asthma and allergy treatment guidelines.


At Cipla we have been at the forefront of lung disease management for over 30 years. We recognise the need for asthma and allergy education and have therefore launched a campaign addressing this issue. The aim is to empower clinic sisters, pharmacists and doctors alike to educate asthma and allergic rhinitis patients in South Africa and to effectively manage asthma and allergic rhinitis using the correct treatment regimens.

The Plan

At Cipla we believe in “making it better” and this philosophy extends to the Breathe Free initiative. The aim of the initiative is to provide access to disease management material and healthcare professionals for all asthmatics. In partnership with the Allergy And Asthma (AAA) course leaders, we have started to systematically educate clinic sisters, pharmacists and doctors throughout the country. The aim: to build on current asthma and allergy knowledge and therefore improve asthma management on all levels. Click here to find your nearest Breathefree Clinic.